Shapely Toys Interview

What better way to start back up my Talks section, with an actual talk, an interview with the owner of Shapely Toys, an independently run sex toy shop on Etsy.

While the lack of regulations on Etsy can lead to sex toys being sold that are unsafe for internal use (Do NOT use 3d-printed dildos! I see tons of these on Etsy, and while the materials themselves may be bodily safe, the printing process leaves gaps and faults where bacteria can live,) many other companies such as SlicksDicks, New Folklore , and of course Shapely Toys use the site to easily sell their unique creations.

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Tantus Infinity Plug- Large

I’m newly back from hiatus, and it feels great to be back! This month’s sex toy, however, is actually rather old, being part of Tantus’s Vintage collection– some of their earlier toys are being sold again, but there’s no way to know how long they’ll be around for.


Their Infinity plug comes in two sizes- small and large-and I ended up getting the large size. The size difference between them is respectable, but they both measure in at the mid-point of anal toys- with the small having a diameter of 1.25 inches and a usable length of 4 inches , and the large having a diameter of 1.5 inches and a insertable length of 4.8 inches. They’re both not something that beginners to anal play should pick up, but if someone’s already had experience and wanted to get something larger, the dimensions of both of the Infinity plugs would be ideal.

Now, while my vagina may have gotten used to larger insertions because of the Tantus Cush and my Papaya Candy Stick, my body’s anal capabilities are far more limiting. If I was only looking at this toy with anal play in mind, I would get the smaller size in a heartbeat. But I’ve been looking for a niche toy recently, something I can use for long-term wear vaginally, and possibly in public as well, with a sturdy base. I know that’s not what the Infinity was meant for, but I’m going to be looking at the plug with this possible use in mind as well.


Anally, as it was meant to be used, I struggled with this toy slightly. Lubed up with my favorite Sliquid, and after using my other, smaller plug to warm myself up first, I still struggled to insert the Infinity comfortably. The rounded head is the same diameter as the smaller bulb under it, and it doesn’t taper at all. The glossy material of the silicone also made it hard to keep the sphere of the head lubed up enough for me.

Once I managed to get the Infinity inserted, however, it was comfortable- as long as I was standing. I felt it may be slightly too long for many people, as it poked me uncomfortably if I tried to sit down. The neck also felt slightly too long, as it kept poking out from my butt much farther than it should have. But the girth of the toy was satisfying- not large enough to be uncomfortable, but big enough that I knew it was there.

When I was using the Infinity plug vaginally, like I was curious about, it sadly didn’t do much better. While my vagina was more used to insertions of the same size, the Infinity plug was still too large to walk and sit comfortably- and the problem with the base poking out was even worse, with me having to re-adjust it every so often. It did not want to stay all the way in my vagina, and the very top of the lowest swell kept coming out, leaving me feeling uncomfortable. Making the neck thinner or increasing the diameter of the swells might have helped with this, but I’m not judging the Infinity too hard for this- the problem was much worse when I used it vaginally; in a way it was not meant to be used in.


Unfortunately, there’s no way I could use the Infinity plug for long-term use, or in public, and this is mainly due to the bade of the toy. The big, chunky, rectangular T-bar base is great for holding and for use inserting the toy, but makes walking a problem, and I believe no matter how you dressed, it would be noticeable under clothes. Tantus recently updated the bases of their anal toys, and this is one of their older models, so while this is an issue for the Infinity, their other toys will most likely not have these chunky bases.


While it’s not the long-term vaginal toy I was searching for, I still feel that the Tantus Infinity is a great toy. For people that know they can handle anal toys that are a little larger, and people that know they can handle anal toys that are fairly long, the Infinity might be the toy for them. You can find the Infinity plug in large at Tantus here, until stock runs out!

Yeast Infections and You-What You Can Do

Not a pretty subject, is it?

Originally, this post was going to be on a different subject, but this issue suddenly became a lot more…relevant to me, and i figured I could at least maybe sway some people away from using terrible and potentially even more harmful home remedies. (Please, don’t put yogurt, and ESPECIALLY not honey, in a vagina.) Remember, if you’ve been having a yeast infection for a while, go to the doctors first and foremost. “Home Remedies” can only do so much, and it’s much better to be safe then pay for it.

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Snake-Bite Kits for Suction


(Of course; when I redid my pictures this month, I forgot to re-shoot these…)

Snake bite kits were popular many years ago, until it was found that they did nothing to help snake bites, and could actually do more harm. They generally contained an iodine solution and a makeshift tourniquet, which respectively did nothing and only partially helped stop the flow of venom. The main part of the kit, however, were three silicone suction cups. While they also did next to nothing for snake bites, people are using them as a cheaper solution to nipple and clit pumps. So; I’m going to see how they can hold up in the word of sex toys, and not medicine.

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How To Have Safer Sex

Sex! If you’ve talked about having sex with anyone lately, it’s pretty safe to assume that the phrase “safe sex” has come up. Referring to talk and use of contraceptives, lube, consent of everyone involved, and other important aspects of sex like safewords, it’s a good thing that more people are talking about it. But sometimes people forget simple things, or don’t think about them. This is just a small overview of things you can do to have safer, better sex.

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In context with recent events, It feels more important to talk about the topic of self care. Self Care is commonly used by people with mental, physical, chronic, or other types of illness as tasks to keep them feeling as good as possible, or in the BDSM community as acts after more stressful or intense acts and scenes, I feel it should be used more in day-to-day life. Stressful events can make self care even more important, and I wanted to highlight some ways self-care is done, to maybe try and get people feeling better.

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