Doc Johnson Velvet Touch

To start up my blog, I figured I’d do a review of my very first vibrator!

My Velvet Touch was gifted to me by a friend for my birthday, and I have to say It was a great first vibrator. I used it almost every day for about two years, though at the end, after about a year and a half of constant use, it began to fall, quite literally apart. The clear plastic base you see not only acts as the speed/intensity dial, but the battery cap, and without me holding it tightly on and wrapping hair bands around the base to keep it from popping off, it wouldn’t work.

However, extreme use aside, it’s a good vibrator. It’s made of hard plastic and is phthlalate-free, but the plastic has a nice smooth feel that had me confused when I first got my hands on it. It’s 7 inches long, but realistically since you need to hold on to the plastic and not the clear base, you can insert it about 5 inches, 6 is you’re pushy. It’s about an inch in diameter, nothing extreme. The website says that it’s waterproof, but I never used it in that way, and with how loose the battery cap is, even when new, I seriously doubt it’s anything more than splashproof.

It’s powered by two AA- batteries, and as such, the vibrations are nothing too great. The lower setting could almost be called rumbly, but the higher you turn the power dial, the more buzzy the vibrations get.  The noise level is also very good, it’s not loud, but when the battery cap starts to fall off, the noise is increased a bit, nothing drastic though. It’s not really good for g-spotting, though if i angled it a certain way I could manage to hit it, but it’s not made for that. The vibrations travel well once it’s inside though, something some of my vibrators now don’t manage. As for using it clitorally, it worked well, with a very high level of accuracy as the tip is slightly pointed. However I noticed that after a while of using it, either over my panties as I’m a fan of or directly on my clit, it would cause an almost burning sensation.

This vibrator isn’t going to last forever. It’s buzzy, it has problems keeping the cap on after long use. But it’s sold for only 10$,which is a great deal, and for someone’s first vibrator, I would recommend it. The dial lets them see if they like lower or higher intensities of vibration, and it can be used internally and clitorally. If it just had a little g-spotting curve or shape, It would be the perfect beginner’s toy.

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