California Exotics Butterfly Kiss

CalEX Butterfly Kiss

Second post’s up! This month’s is on the only other vibe I don’t still have in my collection. As soon as I got into my dorm in college, unpacked, I sat down on my bed- made sure my roommate was out of the room- and ordered myself some sex toys. I had carefully prepared a list of what I wanted, making sure that every niche was taken care of- clitoral, g-spotting, everything I thought I would need. I was incredibly selective, and my list had changed and evolved almost entirely in the months before I left. I thought I had made sure that everything I had selected would be perfect for my uses, and that after that I would be completely happy, and never need another sex toy ever the end.

I thought.

This toy is made by California Exotics- A good toy company, with inexpensive but quality vibes. As it says on their website, it’s insertable arm is 3 inches in length, and the widest spot at the bulb on the end is 1.25 inches across. Powered by two AAA batteries, mine came with some, though on the website it say they’re not included. It has 3 speeds of vibration, all controlled by a single button on the base.And it’s made of TPR, a porous, rubbery, jelly-like material.I’d heard about how bad some sex toys could smell, but I was NOT prepared for this smell. It didn’t feel greasy, per se, but touching it made my fingers feel slightly sticky. The rubbery part- the arm and the butterfly, is attached to a rubbery tube that goes over the base, and it can be slipped off, I believe- though I’ve never tried taking it all the way off, it did slip off in the short time I’d used it. The bottom battery cap with the button on it is made of hard plastic, and it’s hard to get the cap off.

The vibrations were nothing great, but they weren’t terrible. Buzzy, but not terrible, because the material moves so much since it’s soft, and not terribly noisy either. The material it’s made out of was too soft to really carry anything through well. The butterfly’s wings do really move-I was surprised by how much so. But they stop when they come into contact with anything, so during use, it didn’t really feel like much. And as it goes with most rabbit-style vibrators, it didn’t fit with my anatomy well. My clit isn’t anywhere near where the butterfly was. As for g-spotting, the soft material wasn’t very good for thrusting, but after lubing it up, it was…decent. not good, not great, just decent.

After using it for a while, it still smelled. And I noticed that after use, my vagina began to feel….weird. Sticky. It’s recommended to use toys made of TPR with a condom, and because I’m nothing if not stubborn, I thought, “why waste condoms on a toy?” So I didn’t use any. And my vagina was suffering because of it, it felt almost gummy. I stopped using this toy entirely about a month after getting it. I can’t recommend this toy. The price is good, and if used with a condom, maybe I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more, though you’d need some pretty small condoms. (I have now been made aware of the fact that California Exotics sells toy covers-in two sizes! They are rubber latex, and unlubricated. I feel like you’d need to use them with this toy.) But I can’t recommend a toy that made my vagina feel the same way my mouth does after sleeping with my mouth open. California Exotics makes some good toys- I just personally don’t think that this one is one of them.

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