Fairy Mini Wand

fairy mini

This months post is on my most-used and most well loved toy, my wand!

Sorry this post was a little late! I didn’t schedule it properly. Oh boy. This is the only toy I still use from the large number I bought as soon as I got to college. In a pile of battery operated, buzzy weak vibes, this is an amazing toy. It’s controlled by a cord you need to plug into a wall socket, and the cord’s fairly long, about 5 feet. Its body is made of two different plastics, with a rubber around the cord. It weighs almost nothing, a couple of ounces at most. Controlled by a spin dial on the base, you can choose how intense the vibrations are in a more fluid manner than just having Low, Medium, and High settings like most vibrators have.

And boy, the vibrations are INTENSE. They go from incredibly rumbly on the lowest setting to slightly buzzy but still incredibly powerful at its highest. I almost never use it while the power’s at its highest. It’s just too powerful, and almost hurts if I touch it directly to my clit when it’s up that high. The lowest power it delivers is deliciously rumbly, and I love it. If I need to get a little boost of power, I’ll just scroll the wheel up a bit to finish.

The controls are placed a little oddly, and sometimes when moving the wand or repositioning my hand I’ll accidentally brush against them and change the power. It’s a little jarring but not the worst, with practice and use my hand has gotten used to avoiding the scroll wheel.

The noise isn’t too bad, but I definitely wouldn’t use it if you think someone else could hear. If you, like me, like a lot of pressure on your clit, it can make a much louder buzzing noise. It’s due to the head vibrating against the neck of the toy, it’s not breaking. The neck is rather flexible, though I wouldn’t push it too hard. Also, using the toy on high for too long makes my clit go numb. When this happens, I’ll take a break off using this toy, and let myself get used to much less intense vibrations.

Cleaning this toy is a little hard, especially since you can’t remove the head. I personally always get a damp washcloth and some antibacterial soap and wash the head, getting at the rubber on the neck too. Something else I’ve noticed is that the rubber on the head and neck have yellowed slightly since I’ve gotten my wand, but that I attribute to how I had to store it in my dorm.

All in all, this is one of my favorite toys. It’s rumbly, amazing, and though it needs to plug into the wall or a power strip to work, it means it’ll never run out of a charge when I need it. I bought mine off amazon, and I honestly don’t know where else you might buy one, it isn’t made by a popular company so places like shevibe don’t stock it, at least not that I can see. I HIGHLY recommend it though, for a very small price you can get an amazing wand.

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