Papaya Ice

papaya ice

First non-vibrating toy on the blog! If only it were a little….better.

I am a firm believer in vibrations. Nothing makes me happier than getting a new vibe and trying it out, testing the vibrations it gives off against other favorites and learning about what special things that vibrator brings to my toy drawer.

But this isn’t a vibrator, and at first I was thrown for a bit of a loop. My initial reaction with any toy is to clit-test it, see how deeply the vibrations can travel in my skin. And while I admit I have used both ends of the Ice- the needlessly pointed end and the much more forgiving rounded end-to rub against my clit, it’s not the same at all. This toy is made for going into your vagina, thank-you-very-much, and that’s about it. It sells itself for being a great g-spotting toy for both ends, which is rather impressive for a toy it’s size.

First off, appearances. It’s about 7 1/2 inches long, and has an inch and a half of girth. That might sound frightening, but it’s so gradual, it’s not a challenge. Also, Ice isn’t NEARLY as curved as it looks in the photo, and the middle can bend a good amount. The strange clear bump you can see on the rounded end is actually an acrylic insert, which is supposed to be used as a g-spotter,or you can take out of the toy if you like having a finger-hole in your toys I guess, though the hole is small. It’s sent with it’s own satin bag, Papaya’s company label sewn on the side, and an extra acrylic piece, a nice touch. As you can see on the pointed end, there is the company’s name on the toy. It’s very faintly raised, but unless I go looking for it with my finger, It’s not noticeable, The Ice is made out of a silky matte silicone, which feels GREAT, and doesn’t pick up dust like some silicone do.

But as for using it… Well, the novel idea of this toy being useable from both ends just doesn’t work that well. Using the pointed end, I felt like my g-spot was being stabbed. repeatedly, and the transition from a lot of girth suddenly to almost none in the middle of the toy makes thrusting harder, almost locking the toy in place sometimes if I wasn’t lubed up right. If you like harsher or more rough g-spotting sensations, you might really enjoy the pointed end, but it was too much for me.

The other end, the one with the acrylic insert that looks like a jewel, which is supposedly great for g-spotting… doesn’t come close to it. My anatomy just doesn’t work. Your g-spot would need to be VERY close to the front of your vagina to really enjoy it. Using the acrylic piece with the jewel, I felt like I was just scraping the top of my vagina. repeatedly. kind of like brushing your teeth. The replacement is smoother, but it still doesn’t fix the issue that, since there is such a big variance in girth between the ends, you can’t really thrust. I liked it, it felt alright, but it was nothing special. Changing the acrylic pieces however was incredibly hard, and I felt like I was going to break the Ice’s silicone somehow.

Do I recommend this toy? Actually, yes. Not to people who like gentle sensations, but if you like things a little rougher, and don’t mind scraping sensations, I feel like this toy would work well for you. And for the price, on the only place I’ve managed to find the Papaya Ice available for purchase, Amazon, it’s a great deal.

I’m disappointed that Papaya has seemingly disappeared. I love everything about the concept of the Ice dildo, and would love to see some more from this company…But aside from a couple of older vibrators (one of which I own, The Papaya Candy Stick, that will get its’ own review soon), this company seems to be dead. Nothing new has come out from them in years. It’s a shame they aren’t still around, their toys were really good, and brought new ideas to the table.


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