Lelo Mia 2


The first post featuring my own photography, it might as well be my go-to vibe when I want to be discreet!

It happens a lot. It’s late at night, my parents have gone to bed, and I’m still awake, reading sexy fanfiction till ungodly hours of the morning, wishing I had something that could help me get off. Something quiet, something inconspicuous….but still something POWERFUL . Something that won’t die on me when I’m only halfway there.

Enter, the Lelo Mia 2. Lelo is a luxury brand, and therefore I had high hopes for this vibrator, even though it’s very small. It’s only four and a half inches long, and about less than inch in diameter. It’s made out of hard plastic, with two silicone buttons under the silver strip. You can’t insert it, therefore it offers no internal or g-spot stimulation at all, but it’s known for its clitoral stimulation, Lelo sells it as a “lipstick vibe”, though no one would mistake this as a tube of lipstick. Mine is deep rose color, a little more purple-y than it shows in the photo,but it also comes in black and pastel pink.

It’s charged via a usb key hidden under the pointed end, so you might be able to pass it off as a flash drive while charging it. While it’s charging, a small round light between the buttons will flash, it would probably clue most people on to the fact that it’s not a flash drive.

The Mia has five patterns aside from steady vibrations, but they all need to be operated on high if you’re using them. As soon as you turn the Mia on…. well, I personally was underwhelmed. I thought it was supposed to have rumbly vibrations even, not feel about as powerful as clicking a pen really fast. Turning it to high however yielded much better results, and I understood what the hype was all about. It doesn’t get me off in record time, But it is incredibly quiet, under a blanket it’s completely unnoticeable. It doesn’t have a light that many other vibrators do, the light only briefly flashed when powering it up or turning the patterns on.

You can travel lock the Mia by pressing the up and down buttons at the same time for three seconds. To turn it on, simply press and hold the up button until it’s at the level of vibration you want. Once the power’s all the way up, you can activate the patterns by holding the up button for three seconds, and then cycle through them by pressing the up button again. To exit pattern mode, press the down button. To turn off the Mia, hold the down button until the light goes out.

Since the lowest setting is so low, I’ve accidentally left it on when I thought it was off. This doesn’t affect battery life as much as I thought it might, It still runs about three hours on an hour’s charge. The vibrations it gives on high ARE incredibly rumbly and strong for it being so small. The lowest setting isn’t good for anything, but sometimes as a small foreplay I’ll turn it on as low as it can go and just rest it on my clit. I hate to make this comparison but it ALMOSTĀ  feels like a finger, gently moving over my clit. I wouldn’t really suggest that as a way to get off though unless you’re INCREDIBLY sensitive.

All in all, I find it perfect for when I need a discreet way to get off, and that has lead to it being one of my most-used vibrators. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who can afford the slightly steep price tag. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth of use from it!

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