Don Wands Nubby Glass Pleasure Wand


Glass- A surprisingly good material to make sex toys out of! Even if it has KIND of a ridiculous name. The Don Wands Nubby Glass Pleasure Wand is my only glass toy, currently!

Why are so many people afraid of sticking glass up themselves? The most common thing I hear when I tell people I have a glass toy is that they’re too afraid of breaking it to try and use one. It’s a shame, because glass is one of the safest materials to make sex toys out of. Good for both ends of temperature play, and incredibly easy to clean and sterilize, it’s one of my favorite materials to care for. I admit, I was a little skeptical as well, but after it survived a three foot trip from my hands to a ceramic tile floor, I feel a lot safer about sticking it up my vagina. It survived without a scratch or chip, and still looks like new now, about a year later, with no internal cracks, so i feel safe to say that glass toys are very durable, and will definitely NOT break inside someone.

This is the Don Wands Nubby Glass Pleasure Wand (Mine is in Cobalt Blue),- But seriously, that name is ridiculously long. I generally dislike sex toys and companies with ridiculously long names, but as this one is descriptive I can let it slide. The “wand” is six inches in length, with the shaft about .75 inches in diameter. the ball end has a diameter of about an inch. The nubs don’t add any size onto the diameter of the shaft, and also don’t add any difficulty into cleaning it, luckily! While it’s portrayed that the nubs are meant to be felt, unfortunately¬† they really aren’t felt at all.

Now, the best thing about this dildo is that you can use both ends of it. That’s right, the circular end isn’t just a handle, it’s meant for INTENSE g-spot stimulation. One thing about glass though is that it’s not as forgiving as silicone is. Even firm silicone has a small amount of squishiness to it, and that will give you g-spot a little bit of cushion from being hammered. Glass, has absolutely none. It’s not at all forgiving, and you should make sure you like very intense pressure and hard stimulation on your g-spot before getting anything made of glass.

Using the shaft is….well, it’s disappointing, honestly. The nubs, while pretty, do almost nothing for stimulation. I expected to be able to feel them at least, but they are so small and there is so little variation from the shaft that I cannot feel them, even if i twist the Wand around. The unforgiving glass makes it rather uncomfortable really, as there’s absolutely no curve, and nothing really to go against your g-spot.Using the circular end however, is amazing. It gets right against my g-spot, it practically hunts it down, finds it and brutalizes it. That’s right, it’s brutal. I like a little bit of pain, so i wouldn’t suggest it for people that like squishier sex toys. The circle gets right up there next to my g-spot and just pounds it into submission.

If I haven’t made it clear by now, this toy isn’t very forgiving. However, I do recommend it. If you’re not sure about whether you like harsher materials or not, or if you haven’t found and explored your g-spot yet, you can’t really pass this toy up, for this price. It’s rather cheap, and it’s still very good quality. The only warning I have-it’s not really a complaint- is that it can be hard to hold when it’s covered in lube. You don’t need as much though, because of how glossy it is-being glass, you only need a tiny bit for it to glide. I highly recommend this toy for anyone who wants to try a new experience- just know the experience you get won’t be from the nubs on it!

You can buy the DOn Wands Nubby Glass Pleasure Toy HERE if you want one!

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