We-Vibe Touch


It might look like a weird curvy finger…tentacle sucker thing, but it packs QUITE  a punch!

This is definitely not the most ergonomic shape for a sex toy- I’m going to throw that out there right now. Using it for prolonged times cramps my hand like nobody’s business, and can give me some joint pain in my knuckle if i use too much pressure, like my clit likes. But it has the most beautifully rumbly vibrations, so I can still definitely forgive it. Made of glossy silicone, the We-Vibe Touch isn’t long enough for insertion, and instead lets all of it’s magic shine right where it’ll be felt the most- your clit. It’s quickly blown the Lelo Mia2 right out of the water as my favorite, quick and easy go-to clit vibe. I have the original version, but i highly suggest anyone interested in getting one to get the newer, updated version- for reason’s I’ll explain farther down this post.

The We-Vibe touch is about three inches long, and an inch and a half wide at its widest. The silicone it’s made out of is incredible draggy and grabs dust like nobody’s business.The newer version is made out of matte silicone, and that is one of the reasons I’m suggesting it, besides better updated vibrations supposedly.The picture above is right after I washed it, and put it down on my CLEAN bed for a few seconds while I photographed my other toys, if you zoom in, you can see the dusty already stuck to it.  Washing it is definitely more important than it is with other sex toys, so keep some  toy cleaner or a damp rag to wash it with between play sessions.

The Touch boasts multiple speeds and patterns, with four different speeds and four different patterns as well. These are all controlled by a single button on the base. I thought that this would be a lot harder to control, but its not. It also doesn’t get hit by accident that often, so it’s not a problem. CLock the button once to turn it on, once more to scroll through the speeds and patterns, and hold the button to turn it off.However, so many choices means that changing the patterns and using speeds besides low make the battery life run out very fast. The battery lasts me about 45 minutes on the highest speed- I don’t have much use for patterns, and my clit is definitely a power queen.

But boy does this toy deliver to my clit’s high-powered demands. It usually takes me about 45 minutes for each play session, and by the end, I’m just praying that it doesn’t die on me. I normally take a long time between orgasms, and each session lasts more than once, so it’s not they toys fault, just my bodies’. That’s my biggest complaint, the battery time, and the charging mechanism. It charges by a magnetic charging port that connects to two small metal bumps around the button on the base, which connects to a wall plug. There’s a small light on the base that connects to the toy, but it’s incredibly hard to see, and the magnets are very weak and disconnect frequently. It’s hard to see when it;s done charging as well, because of the tiny light.


All in all, i still highly recommend this toy. It’s incredibly strong for being so small, and the only down side is the grabby silicone, which was fixed in the second version, and the charging mechanism, which I heard was also improved. I can’t say I know anything about the battery or the vibration strength of the new version though. This little purple toy that to me looks like the end of a squid’s tentacle is my new #1 small toy, even with its flaws. I just can’t pass up it’s impressive power.

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