BMS/Swan Leaf Life


To welcome the fall, I decided I’d review a vibrator based on a leaf!

The Life vibrator is part of the Leaf line by Swan, makers of other vibrators like the Swan Wand that leave a lot of reviewers impressed by their power. I’ve also seen it credited to BMS, the original makers of the Powerbullet tech that’s in a lot of vibrators. I’d heard a lot of people were impressed by the Life…which is why I’m disappointed that this vibrator is such a big miss for me.

The Leaf Life comes in a small brown cardboard box, with a magnetic closure. Inside, you get the vibrator, a small canvas bag with the company’s logo on it, the charger, and of course the instruction manual. I only mention the packaging because the Leaf line is an eco-friendly line of vibrators… I don’t really understand how, maybe their factories use less energy and produce less waste, but okay, that’s cool. I’m okay with an entire line of vibrators that comes in green.

I chose the Leaf Life because it looked like a good design to be held for a long period of time without hurting my hand. That, at least, I was right about. The Life is about four inches long, and about an inch and a half decimeter at its widest point. it’s shaped kind of like a tilde ( ~ ) or the companies’ logo. I’s made of silicone, and there’s a seam that runs the length of the toy, and thankfully it’s not noticeable in use like it is in sight. The charging port is located on the bottom, near some symbols letting you know what material the toy is made of. The charger is very long and thin, and you have to spear the Life with it to charge it, but sofar i”v never had any problems with it.

It’s controlled by a single button, that glows while it’s being charged. To turn it on, press the button once, and hold it down to ramp the volume up. clicking it once again turns the Life off. Clicking it three times quickly turns the travel lock feature on, and clocking three times again while the lock’s on turns the travel lock off. This design means that you can’t turn the power down if you accidentally go too high, though. Luckily, I’ve never accidentally hit the button during use.

The battery is supposed to last for an hour and a half on high….and good for Swan, because it’s closer to about two hours, I’ve found. This is, as usual, being used on high… because the vibrations this toy gives off are frankly, disappointing. When i first turned it on, I was happy. It seemed so rumbly! So powerful! Even on low! And then I put my finger on the tip, to feel if it flickered as much as people said…. It doesn’t, not by a long shot. It kind of moves, because that’s what vibrations do to silicone, but by no means does it flicker. Its much more stable than that. But the worst problem was that the vibrations lost more than half of their power. They were still rumbly, but it was so weak. Turning it up to high made this problem less apparent, but it still lost a majority of the vibration strength during use.I have a video of this, and if i ever figure out how to add it, I’ll edit it into the review.

This vibrator had so much potential, I can’t stress enough how much I loveĀ  this tot-besides its vibrations. I can hold it without my hand going numb or cramping up. It can hold a charge through not one, but TWO of my usual masturbation sessions. But even turned on as high as it can go, it just doesn’t have enough power to reliably get me off. I can, occasionally, and if all my other vibes are dead, eek out an orgasm, but even then, they’re uncomfortable, a disappointment. It’s as if even my clit of only giving me a half-powered orgasm, to match the half power the Leaf Life gives me. What makes me the most upset is that the vibration strength is THERE- as long as i don’t put any pressure, which my clit needs a lot of. or even tough it with a single finger, let alone wrap my hand around it. If you need rumbly vibrations, and not a lot of power though, you will LOVE this toy. it’s even waterproof, if that’s your thing. It’s a great toy, it just isn’t powerful enough for me personally.

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