MeLuna Menstrual Cup- Shorty L


I know i said last month that these talks weren’t going to be reviews, but since this isn’t a sex toy, I figure it fits here better!

The MeLuna Shorty Large is a menstrual cup. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a cup made of silicone that is meant to be used like a tampon. You insert it into your vagina, and put it under the opening of the cervix. It collects the blood and gunk and gore safely, without possibly causing infections or Toxic Shock Syndrome.

I’ve always had a problem with using tampons, within fifteen minutes of putting one in, I start getting nauseous and shaky, and start feeling as if I’m on fire. I’ve tried using tampons multiple times, and the result is always the same. As such, I use pads. Pads are annoying, they’re irritating to no end, are damp, and give the same generally unsanitary feel that tampons do, if to a lesser extent since they’re not actually inside you.

Menstrual cups are perfect. I’m not exaggerating when I say they are a dream come true for me. This being said, the MeLuna Shorty L is the first menstrual cup I’ve ever owned. MeLuna is based in Germany, but those cups are made of TPE, even though it’s a medical grade version of it. The MeLuna cups based in the USA are made of FDA-approved silicone. There are two different kinds of silicone offered, classic and sport. Sport is much firmer than classic is. Mine is classic. They also offer two lengths, regular and shorty. Shorty, as you might assume from its name, is shorter than the regular. And then are are sizes, L of course standing for large.

My MeLuna, as it was my first cup ever, is slightly too big for me. I assumed that the lip size would fit me, but I was wrong. It’s just slightly too large, and therefore especially after using it for a full cycle, it’s more oval-shaped than round now. Besides this fact, something that is entirely my fault, it’s perfect. It only leaked once, the first time i used it, and that was also my fault for not placing it right.

I can’t recommend menstrual cups. Before you use them however, you need to know your body, VERY well, as well being able to see large amounts of highly concentrated blood and viscera. And when I say highly concentrated, I mean it. I got a SINGLE drop of blood from my cup on a pair of panties I wanted to keep nice… It ended up spreading into a spot the size of two quarters next to each other. Be careful when emptying it!

Besides the possibility of ruining your favorite blue panties, menstrual cups are perfect, at least in my eyes. In fact, I didn’t even mind getting my period early this month, because I got to try out this great invention, and let all of you know about it sooner! It makes everything easier, and doesn’t irritate me at all; in fact, i even forget I’m using it most of the time. Whoever invented menstrual cups, and to everyone at MeLuna, thank you from the bottom of my hearty.


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