Papaya Candy Stick


A big green dildo that…..could MAYBE look like a Christmas tree if you squint? Let’s just pretend, for this is festive for the holiday month!

The Candy Stick by Papaya Toys is, full disclosure, the biggest toy I’ve ever used, at this time anyway. It’s HUGE. It’s 10 inches long, though only 6 inches of that is usable, has a girth of an inch and a half, and looks like it’s extremely textured. I know i said it COULD look like a Christmas tree, but it really looks like the swirly soft-serve ice cream you can get out of one of those machines, minus the pointy or curled-over tip.

The Candy Stick is made out of silicone, and is very matte, winch is nice because it doesn’t attract hair and lint like some glossier silicone toys do. The toy twists apart at the hard plastic purple part, revealing an inner chamber that holds a little battery casing. It’s incredibly easy to do, and it never comes off unless I want it too. The batteries, two AA’s, are also incredibly easy to insert and take out. More toys should ave a battery design like this, It’s easy, and means the toy can be washed easier. It’s also nice to note that the bottom, where the buttons are, is also rubberized and feels slightly tackier than the shaft. It’s a nice detail, making it slightly easier to hold when the toy is slathered with the ounces of lube it will take to use this toy.

Speaking of the buttons, it’s important to talk about them, and what they do. There are two of them, and they’re both really easy to press and make a distinct clicking feeling when pressed. the left is solely for turning the toy on and off, and the right is for cycling through the toys’ vibration settings, one consistent speed and two patterns. What makes this toy really stand out though is that by pressing and holding either of the buttons, you can ramp the intensity of the vibrations up or down on any of these settings. the right button makes the intensity increase, and the left makes the intensity lessen.

The vibrations the Papaya Candy Stick gives off are AMAZING, considering it’s only powered by two double A batteries. They’re not very intense or strong, but they are RUMBLY. the lowest setting can be felt, though it’s not strong, and while it does get buzzier on high, it can’t ever be described as buzzy. It’s been able to get me off clitorally many times in a pinch, and I prefer it sometimes, because of how whisper silent this is. It’s quieter than my MIA2 even.

Internally, the vibrations honestly aren’t impressive. They definitely help for letting me accept this toy easier, but it doesn’t wow my g-spot. The shaft is slightly curved at the tip, but this doesn’t feel like much internally. Unfortunately, or at least it was for me, this toy doesn’t feel as textured as it looks. That’s not to say it doesn’t feel like anything once it’s inserted, though. This toy was MADEĀ  for thrusting. It stretches me out in the best way, and after a small initial period of getting used to it, I’m thrusting as fast as I can. I would not recommend using this toy without lube however. I personally do not mind sex being rough and bloody, but that’s not a sentiment shared by many.


However, this toy seems top be discontinued, or rather, Papaya Toys does not seem to be making toys anymore. They’ve made nothing new in years, which is incredibly disappointing. Sadly, unless they miraculously make a comeback, they only have three vibrators and a dildo. Amazon, as much as I hate to suggest it for buying sex toys, seems like the only place to buy it from. As always, try and get sex toys from reputable companies or shops first.



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