Owning Sex Toys with Roommates

Being away from your parents is great. It comes with all sorts of different freedoms- being able to dress how you want, waking up and going to sleep on your own schedule, and- for those who enjoy them- feeling comfortable owning sex toys. But many people live with roommates, and that can come with its own sets of issues for starting or maintaining a toy collection.

I’ve had a few roommates, some of which were totally cool with me having a sex toy collection, some who were not okay with anything sexual at all, some who had toys of their own. It depends on their personality whether you feel you can tell them about your collection or not, and how comfortable you feel with them.

My current roommate knows about my collection and is okay with it, but my last didn’t feel comfortable if I left a condom on my desk. It can be easier in situations like that to hide your collection, especially if you don’t want to cause potential stress. Here’s some of the ways I kept up my masturbation tendencies (Every day, at least once a day, using multiple toys)  with a roommate who didn’t know and didn’t want to discuss anything sexual at all, and would probably cause a fight if I had tried.

1- Know Their Schedule
Don’t be a creep, but know at least what times they’ll be out of the room. This time is especially good for cleaning and charging any of your toys, because you don’t want to have to explain just what exactly is plugged into that charger

2- Be Quick At Cleaning Up
Hearing the key turn in the lock as you’re still masturbating is an awful experience. Don’t get fully naked when masturbating, if you have a vibrator strong enough, keep all your clothes on even, and keep  a pillow nearby to stash your vibe under after you quickly turn it off.

3- Shove it All in the Back of a Drawer
And cover it with something, too! Scarves work well for this. I actually do this at home as well, since my collection’s too big to keep all with me at school, but having it out of sight and not immediately identifiable is a big plus to keeping it more hidden and secret.

4- Keep it as Quiet as Possible
I know you might love your wand, but let’s face it, it can be heard by everyone down the hall too. Smaller vibrators might not have the same power, but they’re far more discreet. My favorite is still the We-Vibe Touch for discreet play; it’s quiet and can be muffled just by a blanket, and has made me orgasm before through my jeans. If you’re used to moaning during masturbation too, trying to keep yourself quiet can even be something of a turn on to some people, if necessary so your suitemates don’t ask questions.

These are just some tips I’ve gathered from having a large collection of sex toys with me in a situation where I’ve had a roommate. They’ve definitely been rules I live by, so I hope they can help you out as well. I’ve found though that the best thing you can do, if they’re open to it, is have an honest conversation about what will work best for the both of you, to both be happiest living together!


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