UltraZone Ring Me, Honey


Let’s ring in the new year, shall we! And why not ring it in on a cell phone! This bullet vibe by Ultrazone is even supposed to be sensitive to mobile cell signals, and vibrate when you receive a call or text! It promises to make sure that your phone isn’t the only thing that’s buzzing!

Now, If you’re anything like me, one of the first kinds of vibrators you were interested in after being introduced to the world of sex toys was the wearable vibrator, a vibe that can be worn out in public without detection, but that still delivers powerful vibrations. The Ultrazone Ring Me vibrator, in the type Honey, delivers on strong vibrations…..and that’s about it. And sadly, they’re just as buzzy as the vibration function on your phone.

Let’s get to the specs of the toy before getting to how it performs. The Honey is made completely out of ABS plastic. The white part is glossy, while the orange is more matte, with a velvet finish. The silver parts are also plastic, but with a metallic finish to them.  The screen lights up while in use, and shows, with a small animation, which of the five “levels” you are on. Directly above the screen is the company’s name, but it’s very small and inconspicuous, and can not be scratched off or otherwise easily removed. The only part that isn’t plastic is the plug that connects the bullet to the controller (the part shaped like the cell), and the port it plugs into.  It’s powered by 4 AAA batteries. While I’m not a fan of battery operated toys, it is at least powered by common batteries that are relatively cheap and easy to find.

I say “levels” in parenthesis when talking about the settings because, there’s only one speed on the toy. There are 5 different patterns, but only one speed. And that speed….is intense. It’s buzzy as all hell, but it’s strong. I don’t enjoy it, let me make that perfectly clear. It hurts if i even attempt to use it on my clit directly. But, it does get me to orgasm, if it doesn’t numb my clitoris completely within the first few minutes. It’s a weak, unsatisfying orgasm, but it’s there. And I hate that the Honey can get me there, when other highly superior toys can’t (Like the Leaf Life by BMS/Swan.)

The final strike against this toy, though, is that the supposed function that turns it on and off by receiving mobile phone signals doesn’t work. On the left side of the toy, there’s a switch, the highest position turns it off. The middle is where you can scroll through the five patterns. The small butterfly shaped silver part is two buttons, with the button on the left bringing you up on the list of settings,and the right button scrolling down the list. The last and lowest switch position supposedly turns it to a mode where it picks up any cell phone activity within 8 meters. I have never had this mode work for me, which is disappointing, as this was the original reason i bought the toy.


On the whole, this isn’t a bad toy necessarily. There are different patterns, though they aren’t effective for me, and it is definitely a strong vibrator, even if it’s the buzziest toy I own. If you think you can enjoy buzzy, strong vibrations, and not give your clit rugburn, you might enjoy it. Getting your hands on it is another matter though, I’ve seen it only on a few sites, and only reliably on amazon. A reminder to buy your sex toys from anywhere but amazon, if you can help it. The likelihood of getting a replica, or the wrong item, is SIGNIFICANTLY higher.

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