UltraZone Endless 6x


SURPRISE! An extra review this month! I figured I’d just publish the other UltraZone review now, because I want to get on to a few different reviews, bigger and better~

The Endless 6x by Ultrazone follows in their company’s tradition of having names that are quite a mouthfull. It is also almost exactly like the name of another of their products, the Infinite 6x, which I will NOT be reviewing. Because, to be completely honest, this toy sucks, and I do not have high hopes for anything else that Ultrazone might make, judging by this and another toy of theirs, the Ring Me, Honey.

Let’s get down to the specifications for this toy, first. At least most of these are positive. The Endless 6x is made of silicone (!!!) and hard plastic, making it completely able to be sterilized. It’s about 4 1/2 inches long, and says that it can be inserted up to 4 inches…. which is more like 3 1/2, at a stretch. It has a girth of 1 inch, at its widest point, the end. I have to sat, it kind of looks like a Lelo Mona…if it were miniaturized. It’s TINY. My Don Wands Glass dildo is bigger, and I consider that to be too small now. Another point against it is that it’s very flexible, the thinner part of the shaft in the center can flex. It can’t double on itself, but it bends very easily.

It it rechargeable (!!!) which is surprising for what caliber of toy it ended up being… it feels cheap, you can see the clue holding the silicone onto the hard plastic base,¬† and the buttons…FORGET about them. I’ll come back to that nightmare in a few. But, the magnetic charger works well. there’s two different lights on it that signal if the toy is charging or not, it changes color when fully charged, and it STAYS connected while charging, without being finicky. Not even my beloved We-Vibe Touch does that (I’ve heard the updated version has a better charger…but I won’t know for a long while.)

The buttons themselves…..are awful. They’re tiny, hard-to-press (I have to dig my nails into them most times to get them to press) and the worst part is, there is NO WHERE, not on the box, not in the (poorly written) manual, nowhere on the internet, absolutely NO WHERE that tells you how to turn this thing on. There;s also not a lot about the toy itself on the internet. You turn it on by pressing¬† and holding both of the annoyingly tiny buttons at the same time, and you turn it off the same way. One button (the right), turns the intensity of vibrations down if held, and the left raises the intensity if held, and both cycle through the FOUR, not six as advertised and named for, patterns, including the steady vibration. I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to figure this out, but it was at least 20 minutes of annoyance and fumbling with it. At first, I thought I had received a toy that was dead.

That bendable center means that it’s impossible for the Endless 6x to hit my g-spot, which it MIGHT be able to do if it was stiffer. But that shaft makes anything even reminiscent of penetration and sex possible, unless you enjoy sex with really, REALLY gentle toys. And hey, if that’s your thing, you’ll really like this. But if you like any sort of rougher sensations, this won’t be your thing.

Especially if you like deep, rumbly, strong vibrations. Or really any vibrations at all. This toy is fairly loud, rivaling my Leaf Life, but while the Leaf at least brings strong, fairly rumbly vibrations to the table, this toy brings…..nothing. It’s just as powerful as any watch battery bullet you’ll find. You can HEAR the difference in power, but for feeling it, it’s practically impossible. The difference between on, low, and high is so weak that you can hear the patterns more than you feel them. It’s buzzy as all hell, and very, VERY weak.

If you like gentle, small toys, and minimal vibrations, this is a good toy, especially for the price. But if you don’t, I can’t recommend it. The charger function and materials is the best thing about this toy, and unfortunately it can’t produce anything else it claims to have, besides being flexible. The Endless 6x gave me an endless quantity of something- annoyance, and not much else.


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