Tantus Acute


This month I’m doing the first review for one of my absolute favorite sex toy companies- Tantus! And just look at that dildo, how could I not love it! I call it my galaxy-colored cock.

First of all, the company!  Tantus is based in Nevada, USA. They’re most well-known for their silicone toys, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes! They’re a great company, dedicated to making toys that are really innovated and accessible to all, such as their new project, the Rumble, that they crowd-funded on indiegogo. I am not affiliated with Tantus in any way, and I bought my Acute with my own money, I just really believe in this company, what they stand for, and what they do- make beautiful, high quality dildos!

Now, onto the Acute itself! This dildo got it’s name from being tilted at an acute angle, as you can clearly see from the picture above. The base, while not suction-capable, can be used to stand it up on a clean, flat surface, like my desk as shown, and creates a very weak seal. I happen to like doing it for fun,slamming it down onto my deck and watching it shake a bit before picking it up, but that’s just me. It also makes it harness-capable. I call it MY galaxy-print cock for a reason, as I use it with my harness (review of that, coming up soon). It feels good to wear, and fits well in my harness, which has an unchangeable o-ring of  1/2 inches in diameter. It’s definitely my go-to for strapping on! Even though I don’t have anyone to help me review it for that purpose.

This silicone dildo is on the smaller end of things, comparatively. It only has an insertable length of 5 inches, and a diameter of 1 1/4 inches. It’s made of firm silicone, and has surprisingly little give to it at all. Mine is the most wonderful purple color, and shimmers slightly. It’s amazing. I’ve probably said that a million times already, and I PROMISE this will be my last, but as someone who photographs sunsets and the sky, a twilight dildo, complete with shimmery “stars” (just the shimmers, sadly no actual stars involved!) Is perfect for me. Of course, it can be sterilized, since it’s made of silicone.

It’s small, but the Acute packs QUITE  a punch. the angle it’s named for makes it so it hits your G-spot easier than many other toys. I thought my Papaya Candy Stick was one of the most intense toys I would ever try, but it quickly got knocked out of that spot, much to my surprise. I can’t insert it fully, or thrust as hard as I’m used to, but a gentle approach is fantastic with this dildo. I was expecting to be able to take this dildo fully very easily, but interestingly enough, i can rarely use the entire length. a gentle thrust or even a slight jiggling motion is more than enough to get intense g-spotting from this toy. It’s not textured, and the glossy silicone needs only a little lube to make it glide easily, but it’s still more than enough to make itself known to the user.


All in all, I love the Tantus Acute. It’s a small dildo and won’t fill me up like girthier toys will, but it’s an absolute workhorse for my g-spot. My only complaint is that the head isn’t that good for clenching down on, it could stand to be a little more defined. Though my g-spot orgasms are a little less intense than my clitoral ones are, so it doesn’t matter as much. A grade-A sex toy any way you look at it!


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