Tantus Buzz1


Sorry this post is a little late guys! I PROMISE you I didn’t forget about you!! This review is on a big, pink dildo- iconic, in some ways, but that’s for a good reason.

When I say a big pink dildo is iconic, I mean that if you’re new to the idea of sex toys, what you think of will most likely be pink in color, sadly (Companies- There are more colors than pink and purple!!!) and have a semi-realistic shape like the dildo above has. The Buzz1 is once again by Tantus, Ah, Tantus, how wonderful you are, and is relatively plain, as dildo things go. With a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches at the bottom of the “head” and an insertable length of 6.5 inches, it’s on the larger end of things without being intimidating. What makes this toy special is that it has a cavity in the bottom- a hole you can put a bullet vibrator in, hence the name “Buzz.” I got the closeout edition, which means the base isn’t suitable for harness or anal play, but that’s the only difference.

This dildo is smooth, and besides the slightly enlarged head, almost featureless. That’s not to say that the Buzz1 isn’t good, though. It offers girth for people who are new to bigger toys, or who might be experimenting with more length. In use, it almost feels like a marshmallow, squishing up against my A-Spot in the most wonderful way. Obviously, the head is too big to get any pinpoint stimulation, but it feels good, in a very diffuse, ramming way. The size isn’t bad, while the Buzz makes its presence known at fist, once my vagina gets used to it, it almost disappears into my vagina.

Sadly, while I thought I would really love the capability to turn it into a vibrating dildo, I wasn’t overly happy with the bullet cavity. It was a little too small to fit my We-Vibe Tango, and the watch battery bullet that came with the Buzz1 was the least powerful thing I’d ever felt. The cavity does allow me to hook my finger into the dildo and move it though, which is fantastic. Using the cavity to thrust, I can achieve much deeper sensations, which is new to me, and I love it.

Even while the bullet cavity was an unfortunate let-down, I really love the Buzz1. I think it’s best suited as an intermediate dildo, considering it’s size and length. While I can’t take the entire length right away, letting my body warm up to it allows me to fully insert this dildo, leaving some interesting capabilities for long wear play that even my Tantus Acute can’t give me- something about the angle makes the Acute more suited for wielding it on others and gentler self-use, while with the Buzz1 I can thrust harder. I can sit up straight, and keep the Buzz1 in for long periods of time, letting me clench around it and get a fuller sensation. This is also one way to make using the computer more fun, but that’s just me.

Guys, I LOVE this dildo. While it looks kind of plain, with no textures, it feels great in use, and feels so GOOD to have inserted, like it was meant to be in my vagina. I haven’t tried it for anal play, and I don’t think i will, since even my Acute anally is too intense for me, but I can see this being a good dildo for a more experienced anal player- but only if you get a version with  a bigger, sturdier base!


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