Doc Johnson Mood Breezy Heart


Hey guys, there’s an extra review this month! And it might not be the only one~….This review is on a little heart-shaped vibrator, but is it a sex toy that I love?


The Breezy Heart toy is made by one of the “Big Three” Sex toy companies, being California Exotics, Pipedream, and Doc Johnson. However, this toy is from Doc Johnson’s Mood line, which is mostly body-safe (I hesitate to say all, because the “arousal gels” seem like they might be suspicious) and boasts a reasonable price range with it as well. Most toys, including this one, are made out of hard ABS plastic, and this one is even USB rechargeable!! I got the Breezy Heart because- well, its heart shaped. It’s a different design that looks like it will be ergonomic and easy to use. One nice touch is that the back of the box it comes in has a chart, telling you all the different specs of the toy, such as if its waterproof (it’s not) and if it can be used with certain types of lube (it can be used with all types!) One thing that was strange though is that this toy tries very hard to remind you that it has seven functions; it’s on the box twice

The Mood Breezy Heart is, as you would probably guess, heart shaped. One of the two rounded tops is bigger than the other, a full half an inch taller, and the bigger hump is where the most of the vibration strength is. This upsets me; as I thought it would have been interesting to have two motors, one in a rounded end and one in the pointy tip, and the larger hump be where you gripped the toy. Ah well! The pointy part is actually the cap that covers the USB charger, you can either plug it into the wall if you have an adapter or into a computer. The light underneath the one button does glow when charging, but it’s not obnoxious. The toy is controlled by one button, with 7F raised on it, to make sure you remember how many functions the Breezy Heart has. Holding the button for 7 seconds or so turns the toy on, quick presses change through the functions- all 7 of them!! 3 of which are your standard low medium and high speeds, 4 of which are patterns- and holding the button again while it’s on turns it off.

The vibrations this toy gives off are definitely stronger than a breeze. In fact, it can be classified as medium level strength when it’s on high. Unfortunately, all this strength comes through in the form of buzziness. Vulva-numbing, awful buzziness. The kind of I’m-not-sure-why-my-neighbors-didn’t-call-the-cops high pitched buzziness you can hear from states away and sounds more like an electric chopper. The noise level is unbelievably loud for this toy, and it can’t be muffled well under blankets, or even thin doors. Its bark is DEFINITELY much worse than its bite.

When I use this toy, I can understand why some of my friends shrink back from sex toys. To them, all vibrations are scary, and too intense. While the Breezy Heart doesn’t even come close to topping out the levels of strength I can handle, it’s too buzzy for me to find enjoyable, and within minutes of using it on high can render my entire vulva numb and unresponsive. But on lower strengths, there is no way I would get off. It’s the kind of itchy vibrations, paired with a noise of a power sander, that make it unbearable to use. And there’s no comfortable way to hold this toy. Every part vibrates, with the bigger hump having slightly more power, and it leaves my hand and wrist itchy and numb as well if i dare try to use it as i like my toys, firmly pressed into my vulva, to the left of my clit. While I can recommend this toy to others if they think they’ll like it, I absolutely don’t. I’m glad that this review is over, honestly, so now I don’t need to0 test it anymore.

This toy isn’t useless. Doc Johnson is doing something right here, but their Mood line has other things that are also going to be much better than the Breezy Heart. Unless you want it for the novel shape, there are other rechargeable vibrators with better vibrations out there for similar prices, that might not leave everything it comes in contact with numb. I personally didn’t like it, but if mid-range buzzy vibrations are your thing, you probably will. Just make sure that noise isn’t an issue first!

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