We-Vibe Tango


Okay, well, here’s my first impression; The We-Vibe Tango ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. I Swear, We-Vibe is using magic in their motors. I can’t understand how my most powerful toy (For now, anyway!)  is also my smallest. But I’m not complaining, really! It’s great, if incredibly pinpoint.

Made entirely of ABS plastic, besides it’s one silicone button, the Tango is small, compact, and easy to clean. And when I say small, i mean SMALL. It’s only 3 1/2 inches long! And the price is fairly reasonable, only 79$ USD, which is definitely worth it for these levels of vibrations. I’m so sad that my Fairy Wand died before I could compare them, because, wow, I’m fairly certain that this is stronger.

The one button is a slight travel risk, as is the light, that blinks whenever the charge is low. I ordered a travel case with mine, and this works well for the button not being pressed while it’s traveling, and while the charging cord doesn’t fit in the case, a small packet of lube, as well as my old We-Vibe’s charger dongle, and silk carrying bag, fit in the case along with the Tango. The button is pressed once to turn it on, then once again to change through the functions,four continuous patterns of increasing speed, then 4 patterns. This charges magnetically through two small metal dots on either side of the button, and thankfully I have absolutely no problems charging this, unlike my Touch.

Once again, the vibrations are WOW. I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but We-Vibe makes the strongest motors I’ve ever felt, and have my personal favorite kinds of vibrations-strong and rumbly. It’s quiet, I can only hear it from under a blanket if I’m using one of the patterns- a rarity, but unlike every other toy I own, surprisingly not an impossibility!- and the strength… I’m a power queen, and the Tango is easily my strongest vibrator. Even on the highest power setting, this toy could never be considered buzzy. Even through big hunks of silicone- I’ve used this with my Buzz1 with AMAZING results- the vibrations travel easily, and I can get myself off clitorally.

There’s just one thing, one fatal flaw, about why I prefer my LELO Mona 2 over the Tango when it comes to clitoral use. And yes, that’s true, i do use the Mona2 more, even though I love the vibrations of the Tango more. My clit loves broad stimulation. The tiny, pinpoint tip of the Tango is too much for me, or rather, too little- it hurts sometimes, and feels like it’s missing places I so desperately want it to hit, even through the diffusion of layers of cloth. If the head were bigger, it would be much more suited for me, as even with the tapered tip, it isn’t big enough to hit all the places on my vulva I like covered with a vibrator.

Mentioning patterns, I prefer the 7th, or the 3rd of the patterns, called the Pulse. It’s very short bursts of the highest vibration, and it feels almost as if the vibrator is shifting to hit my clitoris almost like a hammer. I’ve never gotten off from this pattern, like all other patterns I’ve tried on all other vibrators I’ve used with patterns, but it is VERY pleasurable, and the only pattern I’ll actually seek out.


I highly recommend the Tango. It has pinpoint stimulation, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be used in so many other toys with bullet holes that I feel it should be a staple in any sex toy collection regardless of how you feel about pinpoint stimulation, as it can be easily modified with a dildo that can accommodate it to be more broad. I LOVE the Tango, and I don’t know how I could have gone without it for long!

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