Vibratex Mystic Wand


The Vibratex Mystic Wand is loved by a lot of other reviewers, however, do I think it can stand up to my other vibrators? Can its batteries stand up to the might of rechargeable motors?

The Mystic Wand is made by Vibratex, best known for their rabbit vibrator, the Rabbit Habit, that was featured in the show Sex in the City. Most of their other products are made of elastomer,and dual-stim “rabbit” vibrators, so this wand comes as a change to their usual line of toys.

The Mystic Wand is small for a wand, barely over 8 inches long, and it has a silicone head and a velvety soft ABS plastic “body” handle. The silicone covering of the head of the wand is said to be removable, but I do not suggest it. I did remove mine, but it was very obvious that I was not supposed to. Pictures will be coming soon of how the head looks with the silicone removed. There is a small band of foam around the middle that gives it some give, which I am hesitant about, as it seems like it would be very easy to squish it too hard and make it stay flattened forever.

The buttons are very easy to use, though. There is one button solely dedicated to turning the wand on and off, and the other button cycles through the 6 functions, three steady speeds and three patterns. Now, while I’m not a fan of patterns, the last two patterns of the Mystic are very pleasurable. Now, they won’t make me orgasm, not my any means, but they’re very nice to use for casual masturbation and just enjoying the sensation of vibrations, or for teasing.

The vibration strength…honestly disappointed me. It’s halfway between rumbly and buzzy, but the strength is nothing spectacular. I’d relate it to my¬† Leaf Life….actually, that is a good example. It has a good level of vibration, and is rather rumbly, and I would suggest it to people…but It’s just ot enough for me. The Mystic Wand isn’t exactly loud, but it makes a very distinct rattling sound when it’s in use, especially on the higher levels. It sounds more plastic-on-plastic noisy than most of my other vibrators, but still manages to be quiet.

The vibrations overall are pleasant. I like using The Mystic Wand, and since I have no attachments for it I only use it externally. The head is large enough to give me the broad stimulation I like, and the neck is stiff enough to give a lot of pressure. I am a little afraid to press too hard, though, but I still think it’s tough and can take a lot of pressure. But sadly, it was nothing special. Pleasant, yes, enjoyable, but it is impossible for me to orgasm with the Mystic. It just doesn’t give me, the newly-found Power Queen, the level of strength I need.

It’s also important to remember that the Mystic Wand is battery-operated. That means, even though I don’t use it often, I’m always paranoid about it dying. It hasn’t happened yet even though I’ve used it for an estimated 6 hours total over the months and months that I’ve had it. But I know one day it will come, and it will turn into a hunt for batteries, the four AA’s that it needs. That’s right, FOUR. That does make it possible for the range of vibrations the wand offers, but it still feels like a lot to me. Maybe I’ve just bee spoiled by all my rechargeable vibrators.


While I mentioned that it can’t make me orgasm at all, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it. The patterns are surprisingly pleasant, And I like using it, but coupled with the fact I can’t easily replace it’s batteries and that I am unable or orgasm, using it just isn’t a priority for me. If you need rumbly vibrations without a ridiculous level of power like I do apparently, I highly suggest it. It gives off good power, especially for the price, $49 over at Shevibe. But sadly, it will forever be kept at the back of my drawer, until all my other vibrators happen to be dead at the same time.



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