Tantus Rumble


It’s here, the post (and vibrator) I’ve been so excited about- the Tantus Rumble! As you may know, my absolute favorite company for dildos is Tantus, but can they hold up when it comes to vibrators as well?

The Tantus Rumble was the result of a highly anticipated Indiegogo campaign led by Metis Black and the rest of the Tantus team. It was meant to be the ultimate in light, powerfully rumbly, accessible and quiet vibrators. It only weighs in at 6 1/2 ounces, so it definitely has the light part down, and with the specifications, 8 1/2 inches long, with a head width of 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  I admit, I took advantage of the preorder bonus, so my Rumble was half price compared to what it is currently, 129$ at Tantus’s website versus 124$ at SheVibe, a price that I honestly find rather steep. The body of the Rumble is made out of plastic, black velvet-y plastic on the underside of the handle and glossier blue plastic on the front, that I was honestly worried about the dye coming off of at first, but so far that hasn’t happened. The head is also made of plastic, hard glossy gray plastic, underneath the most luxurious matte silicone I’ve ever had the pleasure of feeling. This makes my other love, Papaya silicone, hang it’s metaphorical head in shame. It really feels buttery smooth, and is luckily almost lint-RESISTANT, as opposed to the incredible dust-magnet gloss that all my Tantus dildos have.

The buttons are very simple to use, the power button turns the Rumble on, while the + and – buttons cycle through the 7 functions, three continuous speeds, and four patterns. The Rumble, like many other vibrators now a days, charges via USB, with the port on the end of the handle. It comes with a USB and manual, all in the most form fitting foam lined box I’ve ever seen. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a storage bag, and the box very plainly says that this is a vibrator, with bright colors and pictures of the Rumble, so it has very limited travel opportunities and the box is not discreet in the slightest. It takes roughly 6 hours to charge back to full from being dead to me, however I’ve used it for roughly 9 hours between charges, mostly on high, between charges. I tried to keep count, but lost exact track. The buttons during use are pretty much perfect, though i have turned it off by accident before, I’ll get to that later. They glow during use, so it is also very easy to see what you’re hitting. The angle of the head is also very unique- it makes using it with the buttons facing you very easy and comfortable, and doesn’t hurt my wrists, which can sometimes be an issue. My fingers fit in the crook of the wand’s neck, and I have no problems with hand placement- it feels natural, and I feel it also meets it’s accessibility boast.


The noise level was one of the points the Rumble boasted,”whisper-quiet” as many other toys claim. However, unlike other toys that promise quiet motors and sound more like food processors, the Tantus Rumble is ACTUALLY quiet. Under blankets, I can barely hear it myself. It absolutely delivers on the noise aspect. However, to me at least, the strength left something to be desired.

The strength is comparable to the Mystic Wand, one reason I wanted to get that review up first. While I like the Tantus Rumble, it cannot make me orgasm-easily, at least. I have been able to orgasm all of twice with it, but once I feel doesn’t exactly count. I like a lot of pressure on my clit, and the neck on the Rumble is just too flexible to give me the pressure I want. The rounded edge of the wand would be perfect for me, if I could just have a bit more pressure. If I flip the wand around, I can grind the part of the handle that stick out from under the head on my clit, and while more pinpoint, gives me the amount of pressure I’m looking for. However, this also means the handle is facing the wrong way, and this is what causes the few button issues I mentioned above.

The vibrations, even in the handle’s point, are rumbly, without spreading into the handle and making my palms itchy when I’m holding it. It makes me feel bad, because I love the Rumble-I really do! And I would suggest it to anyone who wants rumbly, broad vibrations and only needs mid-range vibrations. But the price tag does make me hesitate, since it’s rather high for something that I can’t reliably get off with. I would only suggest it for those people, because you would need to know you don’t need high strength vibrations to be happy, or you would be disappointed by the Rumble.

It’s not like I don’t like the Rumble, I like it a lot, actually. But it’s much weaker than I need it to be; to be able to orgasm easily. It falls into a category of masturbating that I love, and it suits me perfectly for: the casual masturbation. Writing, reading something online, watching some video game Let’s Plays, all while using a vibrator, not trying to orgasm, just to enjoy myself. The Rumble suits itself to this perfectly, with it’s big head that can hit all my spots at once and vibration strength that’s just so gosh darn ENJOYABLE; and therefore, even though I don’t use it always to come, I love using it, even if it’s not as strong as my power queen-clit desires.


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