Tantus Cush


A dildo that’s name says it all for it, the Tantus Cush is incredibly cushy and soft- and that’s even better than it would be otherwise, because this dildo is HUGE.

Keep in mind that when I say huge, my vagina is still on the smaller end of what it can take. The Cush can be inserted 7 inches, and has a diameter of 1.75 inches. Now, for some people, this might not sound like much, or anything at all. However…My vagina was a WIMP. UNTIL IT GOT ANCHOR CUSH, AND LOOK AT IT NOW! Luckily, using the Cush didn’t turn my vagina into a jerk, it turned it AWESOME, and able to fully enjoy bigger toys. As all Tantus products, the Cush is made out of pure silicone, meaning it can be fully sterilized. However, this is an O2 toy, meaning that it a dual-density toy. The inner “core” of the dildo, the dark purple you see at the base, is covered in a squishier and more translucent white silicone. This makes it softer while still holding a rigid shape, and also means the imposing size is less so.

The Cush is meant for g-spot stimulation. The pronounced ridges, below the completely soft, squishy head and lower down the shaft, are meant to both stimulate the inside of the vagina. Now, I personally think it excels at A-spot stimulation. From what I’ve read, most people have trouble getting the intended, internal use out of the second ridge, however I don’t have that problem now that I’ve become used to the Cush- though “used to” Isn’t the phrase I’d use to describe my feelings about the sensations I get. The soft, squishy head makes a-spot stimulation easy and quite enjoyable, while the second ridge can easily reach my g-spot.


The size was the main problem I had with the Cush. At the time I got it, my only other dildo was the Tantus Acute. I Actually had the Papaya Candy Stick, which is very comparable size wise, but for some reason I couldn’t use the Cush without incredible pain, while the Candy Stick caused me no pain at all, even with the vibrations turned off. It took me a lot of patience- and lube. A love letter to all lube everywhere (that is actually good for your body)- Thank you, keep being awesome and saving people everywhere from pain.

Now that I’ve gotten used to insertions bigger than the Acute, the Cush is amazing in use. It gives me a full feeling that even the Candy Stick doesn’t, and I attribute this to the softer silicone. It means the edges and features feel less distinct, yes, but it also is easier to handle, and gives a more forgiving quality to it. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel the ridges, though. I definitely do. The combination of a clit vibe and thrusting usually brings me to orgasm relatively quickly, and I usually have problems orgasmic if I’m being penetrated by anything. The entire experience is comforting and squishy. Because of this and it’s white color, I’ve also taken to calling the head of the Cush a marshmallow. I know other companies have softer silicone, but I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing them yet, so to0 me, the O2 is dreamily soft.

I would normally talk about any anal capabilities for a toy, but I’m giving this one a hard pass- The base is flared enough, even if on the small side,  but the huge size is just too intimidating for me, and I assume, a lot of other people. I wouldn’t recommend trying the Cush anally unless you already know you like large insertions- and a heck of a lot of lube. There aren’t that many dual density anal toys, do if it sounds like something you could handle, it might be worth the experience.


I absolutely LOVE the Cush. As always, Tantus knocks my socks off on what I can expect from dildos. I’m glad I stuck it out, and learned and worked up to being able to use this toy, because it is more than worthwhile. A case of eyes-bigger-than-the-vagina that thankfully turned out to be a great experience-or experiences, really! The success is based on the O2 dual density silicone though, as it needs that layer of squish to be pleasurable instead of painful. You can get it at Shevibe for 69$ or directly from Tantus themselves.


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