Tantus Leisure


The Tantus Leisure is one of the most simply designed of Tantus’s dildos. With no head, not much of a curve to speak of, and a thin shaft, I wanted to see if it could stand up to their other wonderfully crafted toys.

As usual, the leisure is made out of Tantus’s wonderful silicone, this being their glossy kind, which sadly attracts a lot of dust, but glides well during use, especially with lube. This is one of their “vibrators”, but it’s not so much a vibrator as a dildo  with a cavity for a bullet vibe in the base. It came with one of Tantus’s watch battery bullets, which is fairly useless, but it fits a Tango nicely. This toy is  6 1/2 inches of insertable length, and has a maximum width of 1 1/4 inches, rather small, made to appear even less threatening by the length and the gradually tapered head.

The Leisure is shown as a great toy to begin pegging with. I have to say, it seems well suited and non-threatening for that task, but the length gives me pause. That’s a long toy for someone new to anal play to take right off the bat. I know that the receiver wouldn’t need to take it all the way, but it leaves the pegger in a position of constantly being aware to not accidentally go too deep, something someone new to pegging might not be able to fully get the hang of right away. It’s also pegged (hah!) as a good beginner toy, Tantus saying that it “bends to your interior curves”. This I can back with much more confidence, as the toy, while not wiggly, is very supple and bendable, though that can be almost frightening because of the bullet cavity. Even though there’s a thick wall of silicone, I am constantly worried about tearing it, but I stress that that is incredibly unlikely to happen.

The Tantus Leisure feels small. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. It doesn’t fill me up, it doesn’t make me clench around it like the Cush or even the Buzz1 does. But, i can let it pass because the Leisure isn’t supposed to. The Cush is supposed to be a good toy for getting ready for bigger insertions, the Leisure is meant for beginners to any insertions at all. In fact, if someone has a need for dilators, due to vaginismus or any other reason, while not speaking from experience, i feel like it would be a good next step up. It has the gradual shape of many dilator sets that I’ve seen, yet provides a little more length and width than they do, as well as a bullet cavity for those that might want to try vibration.

However, personally, I just don’t like the Leisure in use. I know, gasp, because I don’t love a Tantus product. But I don’t think that their record of making absolutely wonderful products is broken- because the Leisure is a great toy. I personally don’t like it, but I can see why others would. I like my insertable toys to have larger heads- The Buzz1 shows this perfectly, with the Cush making up for it by having a larger girth. I LIKE toys with a larger girth, because it fills me up better and reminds me that I’m full. The leisure is skinny enough to be inconsequential, and the only stand-out feature it has, length, is too painful for me because of the more pinpoint head. But those are all incredibly personal reasons, and If you like pointer toys, length, and smaller widths, or if you need it, the leisure would be perfect for you. The vibrations also travel much better with toy than in the Buzz1, because of less silicone that it has to travel through.

My thoughts about the Leisure potentially being too long for pegging still stand, even though i was never able to test it fully. My vagina’s feelings about the head of this toy being too pointy went double-time for my ass, and I’m afraid I wasn’t able to comfortably thrust with it at any time. I have to sat, I think the Acute would be much better suited towards anal and pegging newbies, but If you want something less phallicly representational , as well as something that could vibrate, the Tantus Leisure might be more your style.


The Tantus Leisure is great for beginners to penetration, whether that is anal or vaginal. The ability to add vibrations only makes this a better choice. However, if you need a larger, more rounded head, or a larger toy in general, I would consider something else. You can get the Leisure at Tantus themselves,occasionally in Grab Bag form, which is less expensive but comes in a random color, or at Shevibe.



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