Snake-Bite Kits for Suction


(Of course; when I redid my pictures this month, I forgot to re-shoot these…)

Snake bite kits were popular many years ago, until it was found that they did nothing to help snake bites, and could actually do more harm. They generally contained an iodine solution and a makeshift tourniquet, which respectively did nothing and only partially helped stop the flow of venom. The main part of the kit, however, were three silicone suction cups. While they also did next to nothing for snake bites, people are using them as a cheaper solution to nipple and clit pumps. So; I’m going to see how they can hold up in the word of sex toys, and not medicine.

The suctions cups are both made of silicone, oddly the ones I got had a slight rubbery odor, but they passed the flame test, so I’m not worried. It’s a surprisingly hard, rigid silicone, so it can get as much suction as possible. the two larger cups have a diameter of an inch, and the smaller one has a diameter of .7 inches. The shorter ones stand around 1.25 inches tall, with the longer one about 1.75 inches. Also, when you don’t want to use them, they can easily store together, for space and keeping all of them together.You put the taller one inside the others, closing it up to make it look like a large, yellow pill. It isn’t pretty, but it works.

In fact, “It isn’t pretty, but it works” Is kind of the snake bite kit’s catchphrase. The places most people want to try suction play on are their nipples, and if they have a vagina, their clit. Before you can use them, you need to get the end of the applicators wet. you could put a dab of lube on your finger and wet the end that way, but its so much easier to just lick it. It feels more natural, like something Indiana Jones might do if HE were bitten by a snake…if he didn’t panic first, at least. Remember, imagination and feeling sexy mentally is one of the most important parts of arousal.

If you have a liking for rugged, adventurer types, this might help, because after you push as much air out of the suction cups as possible and place them on your nipples… you look down to two yellow plastic caps hanging off your body, and you feel RIDICULOUS. My main thought was that it was VERY unfair I didn’t shoot lasers out from my chest like some badass space pirate. I definitely suggest trying these by yourself the first time, so you can get accustomed to the sensations…and how ridiculous they look. If you place one on a clit, it isn’t any better looking in my opinion. I did find it incredibly hard to place, especially because of the weird indents on the end that leave it with two slightly raised bumps on either end, but my clit is small to the point of me not thinking I had one till the end of high school, so someone with a larger or exposed clitoris might find it easier to suction.

Once on, you should let the suction cups stay on for five minutes or so, but not longer than twenty. The suction they give is relatively weak, but you still don’t want to rish any potential nerve damage. I found that they did change the sensitivity of my nipples, being more sensitive,but the main difference was their size and color. The larger cups were still too small to fit all of my areola, and the part that was under the cup was much redder than normal. Sadly, I never noticed a change of sensation for my clit, or any change in engorgement or appearance.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about using these snake bite kits for suction play, or people that know others that have used them, but only a small handful of reviews. That’s probably due to the fact they’re not explicitly made for sexual purposes, that most of the reviews are telling others to not use them for medical emergencies, as they are NOT safe in that case, or the fact that they’re just generally not very good. The suction is rather weak,and If you’re looking for anything more than a very gentle, good introductory level of suction, proper nipple suckers (the names are still rather awful, however) or clamps would be much better suited for you.


You can find them at The Pleasure Chest or The Stockroom. I highly recommend the Pleasure Chest, they have instructional videos as well that can help you use the kit, and make a choice if you feel you could use a better form of suction.


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