Lelo Luna Beads Mini-Review


These are considered by many other bloggers to be one of the best kegel ball systems around. I’m not going to give a full review of these because they’ve been covered more times than I could count, and also because I Don’t Support Lelo. I feel these are important to cover though, just to give my perspective on them for reference.

One of the main draws of the Luna Bead system is the interchangeable weights. while this lets the strap take more wear in my opinion, and leave a lot of crevices where gunk can gather, it also means you can tailor the weight to your own comfort level.Ranging from 56 grams to 74 grams, the weight options it offers are standard for silicone kegel balls, obviously stone and steel balls can weight much more while being the same size.


However, this appeal was mostly useless for me. While I’ve seen some people say that they can feel their movement of the smaller inner balls more with the lighter, pink set, i noticed no such difference, and the pink set immediately became obsolete for me. I can wear the blue set for extended periods of time, and I notice no difference. As for weight and kegel training, these are alright, but I find them too light. They’re also rather big in diameter, and this can make it a little harder for me to clench around them, I feel.

The only draw that these kegel balls have over any other is their smaller, freely moving inside balls. These are the weights, and the way they roll around the ABS plastic shell is absolutely delightful to feel. Walking up stairs is one of the best ways for me to feel it, but I can also feel it at random points throughout the day, for what feels like no real reason to me. The Luna Beads are far more jiggly than any other kegel balls I’ve tried, and this is the main reason  I go for them over any other kegel system. These give a more teasing feeling, and get me more aroused, but I also don’t feel that they are as good for actual kegel training.


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